Dentists! Run!

Good Evening Everyone!

Lets talk about dentists. Who hates them? Who loves them? I have a love/hate relationship with my dentist. When it comes to the dentist, I have really bad anxiety.

We’ll start with my high school years and the dentist. Since I don’t ever remember going to a dentist before that. From what I remember I had 9 cavities and a tooth that needed to be either pulled or have a root cannal done (pardon my spelling!). I remember choosing to do the pull rather than the root cannal. I don’t know if it was just a difficult tooth or whether the dentist didn’t know what they were doing, but it took them an hour and a half to pull it, it came out in 6 pieces, and I was given the legal amount of adult anesthetic. They told me unfortunately they weren’t legally allowed to give me anymore. This was a horrible experience for me.

On my 20th birthday I got the lower 2 wisdom teeth pulled out. They gave me the good stuff this time (lucky me). I sat in a lazy-boy chair with a blanket, because I was cold. The attendant came in crushed up w white pill and under my tongue it went. I don’t remember getting from that room to the chair or them pulling my teeth. I do however remember the stitches being removed.. OUCH!

A few days ago I went to get a cavity looked at, praying they’d be able to fill it and not pull it. Well they gave me the option to pull or root cannal. Again I went with the pull. By that time I was shaking uncontrollably. The attendant asked me if I was okay, and I squeaked yes. I had my left knee pulled up and bent, while my right leg was half in the air, gripping the tissue in my hand tightly as I could. Again I was asked if I was okay. I tried to say yes again, but due to the filling it came out not quiet like it should. after the freezing (about 10 minutes) and 30 seconds of pressure, the tooth was out, and I immediately felt relief! This was officially my favorite dentist.

Does anyone else get this kind of anxiety? I am aware of medication for it but I will not take it. That’s another story for another time!




Hydro Hassle

Good Evening Everyone!

Can we just take a minute to rant about hydro? Let me tell you about my current situation.

It began when we moved into the Holloway house. We put hydro into my name and thought everything was going to be fine. Let me tell you it was not. After numerous attempts to get the landlord to fix the heat properly (even after the fire marshal told them to take care of it!) we had to give in and use our stove to heat our home.

Our poor newborn! We did our best to keep the house warm, put blankets over windows, kept doors closed if we weren’t using that area of the house etc. As you can imagine our hydro bill went up to $600 from just September to February. I was paying more for my 2 bedroom apartment than my dad was in his 4 bedroom house! Well we finally got the chance to move. I called the company and told them we were moving and to send us a bill. They of course didn’t.

We moved into our new 2 bedroom apartment, paying $925/month plus hydro. So we put it in my fiances name. Our first bill was just over of $600. What the heck!? So I gave the bill to my worker and she got the deposit of $290 waived. My bills was still over $400. How can this be? Let me tell you! The thermostats aren’t the best, you turn the dial until it clicks on but don’t move it any further and the heaters go full blast. There’s off and there’s full blast, there is no in-between. So we only used to heaters in the babies room when it was time for bed, and in the living room. The living room heater won’t turn off unless you pull the fuse from the box. (I’m pretty sure the fuse box is illegal, I believe they’re supposed to be the switches not the ones we have). I called my landlord in a panic and told him he needed to get someone over here to fix this ASAP! The electrician came and only looked at everything (I followed him around because A-he’s a stranger in my home, and B-I like to learn new things). So we called our hydro company they decided to take it upon themselves to add my old account to my fiances account, without permission from us. I was getting it dealt with through debt consolidation. Apparently not anymore! Well when I told them they couldn’t do that she proceeded to tell me I hadn’t called them to tell then we’d moved etc. So they kept the hydro on, in MY NAME, until April! We moved out February! I couldn’t believe my ears. So I told her my lawyer would be in contact and hung up. Two days after this call I get a letter of disconnection. This is crazy! I have a 9 month old who needs the hydro!

I called our worker and she sent our bill off to Housing Allowance. Well they’ve agreed to cover $1500 of my $1900 bill. I just have to come up with $400 by the 15th. How on earth am I supposed to do that?

Well that’s my rant for the day!